Pinkerton Academy Hosts 28th Annual Veterans Day Breakfast

The Pinkerton Academy Class of 2026 sponsored the 28th Annual Veterans Day Breakfast on Friday, Nov. 11 in the Freshman Cafe. The event featured a brief ceremony after ate their breakfast. The Pinkerton Academy Choir sang The Star-Spangled Banner followed by an Introduction by 2026 Advisors Nicole Mastrogiovanni and Kayla Hoffmeier. Pinkerton Headmaster Dr. Timothy Powers gave a welcoming address which led to Class of 2026 students Julia Levreault and Lilliana Cunha reading essays on What is Veterans Day and What is a Veteran. Pinkerton teacher Doug Gootee spoke on what he felt in means to be a veteran. The 2026 Secretary Quinn Manning also spoke on the importance of Veterans Day. The event was closed with a candle lighting ceremony. Four candles were lit by students commemorating what was given as a veteran. Photos by Chris Paul

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