Pennsylvania Game Commission Opens Submissions for Wildlife Painting Contest

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is excited to announce the start of submissions for the 2025 Working Together for Wildlife Design Contest.

The Black Bear will be the highlighted species for the paintings this year. Artists must follow specific size guidelines, with paintings measuring either 22 ½ by 15 inches horizontally or 15 by 22 ½ inches vertically. In addition, it is required that every painting has a white border that is 3 inches wide.

Please ensure that your submissions are delivered to the Game Commission headquarters in Harrisburg by 4 p.m. on July 22nd. There is a fee of $30 for each entry, and it is required that paintings be unsigned and unframed.

The lucky winner of the contest will be rewarded with a generous prize of $4000, as well as 50 artist proof prints. In addition, the winner will need to sign 750 limited edition fine art prints of the winning artwork. However, even individuals who do not secure the top spot will still have a chance to win prizes.

The painting that comes in second will be given a prize of $750, while the third-place winner will receive $500. The artist who comes in fourth will be awarded $400, and the fifth-place contestant will receive $250.

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