Paving This Week on Route 102

A portion of Route 102 will be closed the rest of this week, in order to do needed repairs and take advantage of the school vacation.

Mike Fowler, Director of Public Works, said the town’s Pavement Management Program calls for the replacement of 150 feet of road heading east from the traffic circle and stopping at the intersection with Pond Road.

“We will be milling the old pavement, leveling the course and repaving the section,” Fowler said.

The reason they’re doing it this week is twofold: there won’t be school buses on the road or parents driving children to school, and there won’t be private vehicles parked in and around the First Student headquarters on Route 102. Buses coming in and out of the facility are also an issue, Fowler said.

“This is a great window of time to get our contractor in and do this,” Fowler said.

Fowler is working on a tight time frame, hoping to get the paving done in the five business days of the vacation. He allowed that April’s capricious weather might be a factor. “If there’s rain or extreme cold, that might delay it,” he said, adding, “But we have a Plan B.

“We are going to go forward and get it done, and avoid interfering with the school bus process,” he said.

There may be some delays for the other regular commuter traffic on 102, he said. The crews will be working from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. “You can still get through, but it may take longer,” Fowler said.

He encouraged commuters to seek detours.