Ohio’s Fair Revitalization: $10 Million Grant for Enhancements

Ohio’s Governor, Mike DeWine, alongside Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Lydia Mihalik from the Ohio Department of Development, and Brian Baldridge from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, has unveiled a $10 million grant to bolster local fairs throughout the state.

This funding, a component of Ohio’s County and Independent Fair Grant Program, is designed to elevate fairgrounds and enhance the overall fair experience for all attendees.

The grants will facilitate a variety of enhancements, encompassing upgrades to grounds, electrical and sanitation systems, machinery and equipment, as well as ADA accommodations.

Notable recipients of the funding include the Barlow Agricultural & Mechanical Association, Inc., organizer of the historic Barlow Fair, Ohio’s oldest independent fair, and the Washington County Agricultural & Mechanics Association, host of the Washington County Fair.

Governor DeWine stressed the significance of investing in Ohio’s county and independent fairs, underscoring that these advancements will contribute to the safety and accessibility of fairgrounds for all individuals.

The projects subsidized by the grants will span a spectrum of improvements, ranging from new grandstands, repairs or replacements of aging structures, enhanced restroom facilities, to upgrades in parking and camping sites.

Moreover, ADA accessibility enhancements such as ramps and improved pathways will be implemented. Additionally, the grants will facilitate electrical upgrades, lighting enhancements, and the installation of additional directional and traffic signage.

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