Ohio Public Colleges and Universities to Receive $397 Million from Capital Budget

Ohio’s public colleges and universities are in for a significant boost with the state’s latest capital budget allocating $397 million to them.

This capital budget, which totals $4.2 billion, was approved by both chambers of the Ohio legislature and signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine. The funds will be directed toward crucial upgrades and repairs at higher education institutions across the state.

Purpose of the Funding

The $397 million designated for Ohio’s public colleges and universities will address a range of needs. The funds will be used for essential renovations, upgrades to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, restroom improvements, infrastructure enhancements, ceiling repairs, electrical upgrades, and other maintenance projects.

These improvements are crucial for maintaining and modernizing campus facilities, ensuring that students have access to state-of-the-art learning environments.

Reactions from Education Leaders

The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) has expressed strong support for the capital budget. Mike Duffey, the Chancellor of ODHE, praised the funding, highlighting its importance in creating better learning environments for students.

According to Duffey, these upgrades will not only enhance the facilities but also contribute to preparing students for future success by providing them with modern, well-maintained spaces to learn and grow.

Laura Lanese, President and CEO of the Inter-University Council of Ohio, also welcomed the funding. She emphasized that the financial support will help address the deferred maintenance challenges faced by public universities.

Lanese noted that this backing recognizes the critical role these institutions play in driving innovation, conducting research, training the future workforce, and fostering a well-educated citizenry. The investment is seen as a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of education and research at Ohio’s public universities.

Breakdown of Funding for Universities

The capital budget allocates a total of $312.08 million to Ohio’s 14 public universities and their branch campuses. Here is a breakdown of the major allocations:

  • Ohio State University: $78,816,467
  • University of Cincinnati: $42,941,829
  • Kent State University: $30,346,950
  • Ohio University: $28,524,432
  • Miami University: $23,857,620
  • University of Toledo: $19,053,599
  • Bowling Green State University: $18,139,967
  • University of Akron: $17,237,372
  • Cleveland State University: $15,779,731
  • Wright State University: $13,770,200
  • Youngstown State University: $12,705,498
  • Central State University: $4,820,248
  • Shawnee State University: $3,507,300
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University: $2,586,087

Ohio State University received the largest allocation, with nearly $79 million earmarked for various projects. This substantial amount reflects the university’s size and the extensive needs of its numerous campuses.

Other major recipients include the University of Cincinnati, Kent State University, and Ohio University, each receiving significant amounts to support their facilities.

Funding for Community Colleges

In addition to the universities, Ohio’s community colleges will receive a total of $82.5 million from the capital budget. This funding is vital for maintaining and improving facilities at these institutions, which serve a diverse student population across the state. The breakdown for community colleges is as follows:

  • Columbus State Community College: $16,944,986
  • Cuyahoga Community College: $14,415,941
  • Sinclair Community College: $12,210,997
  • Lorain County Community College: $6,499,304
  • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College: $6,059,000
  • Owens Community College: $6,055,798
  • Lakeland Community College: $4,603,008
  • Clark State Community College: $3,387,460
  • Edison Community College: $3,237,301
  • Southern State Community College: $2,684,296
  • Northwest State Community College: $2,496,210
  • Washington State Community College: $1,366,353
  • Terra Community College: $1,342,177
  • Rio Grande Community College: $1,218,867

These allocations will support crucial projects at community colleges, including upgrades to learning spaces, technology enhancements, and facility repairs. By investing in these institutions, the state aims to support their role in providing accessible and high-quality education to students across Ohio.


The $397 million allocated to Ohio’s public colleges and universities from the state’s capital budget represents a significant investment in the future of higher education in the state.

By funding essential repairs and upgrades, the state is ensuring that these institutions continue to provide high-quality educational environments for their students.

This funding will not only improve the physical infrastructure but also enhance the overall learning experience, supporting both current and future generations of Ohio students.

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