Ohio Eatery Named ‘Most Expensive Restaurant’ In The Entire State

We were surprised to find a secret gem in the middle of Cleveland in Ohio, a state known for being cheap. The most expensive restaurant in all of Ohio is now Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar, which is situated at 623 Euclid Avenue. Let’s look into the richness, the delicious food, and the historical background that make this place truly unique.

The Scene: A Glimpse of Class

The setting of the Marble Room is nothing less than grand. Imagine eating in the holy rooms of a building that used to be a bank in the 1800s. The tables are set up around marble columns, and the original pressed ceiling gives the room a classy feel. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip; it takes guests back to a more opulent time.

The Experience of Eating

1. A feast of seafood
The menu at Marble Room has a lot of delicious food. People who love seafood will be able to satisfy their needs with a variety of fresh catches. The raw bar is a great place for picky eaters because it has everything from juicy oysters to delicate caviar.

2. Prime Steaks: The Best
Marble Room has a variety of prime steaks for meat lovers who want the best. The menu has something for every steak lover, from those who like a soft filet mignon to those who like a hearty ribeye. Prices range from $35 to $135 for different choices.

3. A Symphony of Sushi
Happy news for sushi fans! The sushi at Marble Room has a lot of different tastes. Whether you choose a standard roll or something new, every bite is a perfect mix of textures and tastes. Sushi costs between $13 and $37.

4. Hand-crafted drinks
Pair your food with drinks that were made by hand. You can get a standard martini or a more experimental mix at the bar. Drinks range in price from $13 to $20.

Is it worth it to get the big check?

“The grand setting makes dinner at Marble Room worth the big check,” says LoveFood.com, which sums up the experience well. But what does that check really involve?

From $13 to $37 for sushi
$35 to $135 for steaks
$14 to $15 for salads
Drinks: $13 to $20

If you really want to treat yourself, an ounce of caviar costs a cool $199. The show-stopping moment? For at least 4 ounces, the Miyazaki Wagyu Strip Loin costs $144.

Roots in the past

The building that houses Marble Room was built in 1893 by the sons of James A. Garfield, who was born in Ohio and became the 20th President of the United States. It used to be an office of The National City Bank of Cleveland, but now it’s a place to eat that serves delicious food. The building was preserved by Millenia Companies when they turned it into 123 apartments and store space in 2015. Today, Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar still pays tribute to its past while making current customers happy.

In Conclusion

The Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar is more than just a diner. Everything about this restaurant screams luxury, from the fancy decor to the expertly made food. If you want to treat yourself, make an appointment, enjoy the flavors, and raise a glass to Ohio’s most luxurious dining spot.

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