Nutfield New and Tri-Town Times Will No Longer be Published

From Deb Paul

It is with a very heavy heart that the owners of Nutfield News and Tri-Town Times have decided to no longer produce this community newspaper. After 18-plus years of producing these two entities, it is no longer financially viable to do so.
We were able to start the Nutfield News and the Tri-Town Times thanks to a receptive readership and a number of businesses willing to advertise and with that we were able to mail the paper out to most households each and every week free of charge. As businesses chose to put their support elsewhere, we had to stop mailing, but a feeling that a local paper was worth having, we continued to get the paper out every week by mailing subscriptions and dropping the papers off to a number of locations. The COVID-19 Pandemic was the beginning of the end for many businesses and although we’ve been able to survive throughout, by combining papers, the work it takes to produce the news for four communities, was outweighed by the amount of revenue taken in
Some may be unaffected by our departure, but for those of you who may have liked how we covered local community news and high school sports, we’d like to say we are sorry. There’s no easy way to do this, and we’ve always known this day would come; we just didn’t know when or how.
The Nutfield News and Tri-Town Times were never owned by anyone but a local husband and wife. This has truly been a mom-and-pop newspaper, with Deb Paul managing the finances, advertising, and circulation, and Chris Paul doing the photography, writing, editing, layout, and the deliveries.
This journey was never easy on several occasions, what we wrote cost us advertisers. Truth is truth and we were trying to be a true commumity newspaper, not a shmooze of the world. That being said, we did seek to treat everyone we encountered; business owners, secretaries, volunteers, city officials, or random people who rang our doorbell, as fairly and individually as possible. We even asked permission before putting our newspapers in various businesses, making us a rarity in that regard.
Somehow, in the over 18 years, despite bad weather, computer malfunctions, health issues, and occasional complications with ads or stories, we never missed a print or delivery date.
The communication world has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years and unfortunately, many people look to social media to keep them abreast of local happenings.
At one time, it was a big deal when a newspaper covered a major event. People would wait eagerly to “read all about it.” Now half the people at an event take their own pictures (even videos) and have them posted on Facebook or other social media sites, with back-and-forth comments already hot and heavy, long before a news reporter can make it back to his or her desk.
In whatever form, one thing is certain: news will keep happening.
It’s been a good 18+ years, all things considered. Chris and I didn’t make millions, but we never expected to. I’ve never felt such delight as when people would come up and thank us, saying it seemed like “their” newspaper. Over the years we have come to know so many amazing people, some we call friends and hope to continue to keep even though we are not printing the paper.
It would be impossible and too painful to say good-bye individually. Printing a farewell editorial seemed like the best thing to do. We’ve met a lot of people doing great things over the years and for that we are grateful.
So, goodbye and thank you for letting us be part of your lives.
Please note: The change has no bearing on the Londonderry Times, we will still produce that paper each week, free of charge.