Nurse Linked to 17 Patient Deaths Receives Multiple Life Sentences: Inside the Case of Heather Pressdee

A Pennsylvania nurse, Heather Pressdee, has been sentenced to hundreds of years behind bars after pleading guilty to three counts of first-degree murder and 19 counts of criminal attempt to commit murder. The 41-year-old nurse, whose crimes shook the healthcare community, will spend the rest of her life incarcerated.

Pressdee’s heinous acts came to light when she was found to have administered fatal doses of insulin to at least 22 patients across facilities in Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, and Westmoreland counties, resulting in the deaths of 17 individuals. Her crimes spanned from 2020 until her arrest in May 2023, painting a picture of calculated malice.

Facing three consecutive life sentences and an additional 380 to 760 years for attempted murder charges, Pressdee’s actions were described by Attorney General Michelle Henry as a betrayal of trust. The plea deal and severe sentence aim to ensure that Pressdee never has the opportunity to inflict harm again.

During the sentencing hearing, relatives of Pressdee’s victims shared their pain and anguish, with some labeling her as “pure evil.” Despite the gravity of her crimes, some family members expressed forgiveness, surprising even Pressdee’s defense attorneys.

Pressdee’s defense team, Phil DiLucente and James DePasquale, worked tirelessly to avoid the death penalty for their client. DiLucente revealed that Pressdee, at one point, believed she was helping her patients, drawing from her experience working in a veterinary clinic where euthanasia was part of her duties.

However, Pressdee’s remorse and tearful apology in court signaled a stark realization of the gravity of her actions.

The case of Heather Pressdee serves as a chilling reminder of the potential for abuse of trust in healthcare settings and the devastating consequences it can have on patients and their families.

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