No Injuries After Car Slides into School Bus in Snow

During last week’s snow, a crash between an almost-empty school bus and a private car resulted in some damage but no injuries.
The school bus was driven by Robin Loder, according to Derry Police Lt. Eric Kester, and had one juvenile passenger.
The automobile was operated by Soojin Stickney.
The accident occurred at 2:52 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, at the intersection of Chester Road (Route 102) and Cole Road, Kester said. According to staff reports, Stickney’s vehicle slid on the icy road and into the school bus’s tire. “The accident caused minor damage,” Kester said.
Though the Fire Department did respond, there were no reported injuries, Kester said. Police closed a portion of the road temporarily, due to the hazardous conditions, he said.