Monroe County Restaurant Inspections Highlight Areas for Improvement

Recent inspections conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture reveal both compliance successes and areas needing attention among Monroe County eateries.

Among establishments flagged for non-compliance:

Domino’s (314 Lincoln Ave., East Stroudsburg): Inspections on April 4 uncovered issues including inadequate water temperature at handwash sinks, obstruction of sink access, and absent paper towels. Furthermore, mops were not appropriately hung for drying.

Vintage Inn Hotel (655 Main St., Tobyhanna): Inspections on April 1 found numerous violations, including insufficient food safety knowledge among staff, improper food storage practices, lack of handwash sinks, and absence of essential facilities like utility sinks and covered waste receptacles.

El Cocinero Restaurant (1240 N. 9th St., Stroudsburg): Inspections on April 9 revealed lapses in food safety practices, such as improper handwashing procedures, inadequate hair restraints, and improper cooling methods for food. Additionally, storage containers were improperly labeled, and kitchen hygiene was subpar.

However, some establishments demonstrated commendable compliance

Pizza 1 (1240 N. 9th St., Suite 105, Stroudsburg): While inspections on April 9 noted some violations, including issues with food temperature control and equipment cleanliness, the overall compliance level was acceptable.

ShopRite (107 Kinsley Drive, Brodheadsville) and Gowasabi at ShopRite: Both inspected on April 22, these establishments received minor citations for cleanliness and labeling respectively, but were otherwise in compliance.

Additionally, several establishments were found to have no violations, including Rudy’s Tavern in East Stroudsburg and Smoking Pigs and Boils, a temporary mobile food facility in Gilbert.

These inspections serve as reminders of the importance of maintaining stringent food safety standards in all food service establishments. Compliance not only ensures the well-being of patrons but also upholds the reputation and integrity of the establishments themselves.

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