Michigan’s Great Lakes: Surprising Facts You Might Not Know

Michigan is truly privileged to be surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking lakeshores, gracing the edges of four out of the five Great Lakes.

Whether you’re casting a line for fishing, gliding across the water in a boat, or simply enjoying a refreshing swim, these expansive bodies of water offer boundless opportunities for recreation, all while treating visitors to awe-inspiring views.

While many of us are familiar with the Great Lakes through the acronym H-O-M-E-S (Huron-Ontario-Michigan-Erie-Superior), there are still fascinating facts about these majestic bodies of water waiting to be discovered.

Here are a few captivating insights into the Great Lakes:

– Collectively, the Great Lakes encompass an astonishing 94,250 square miles of water, establishing them as one of the largest freshwater systems globally.

– Remarkably, these lakes harbor an astounding 84% of North America’s surface freshwater and contribute to 21% of the world’s supply of surface fresh water.

The Reigning Champion: Lake Superior

Among the Great Lakes, Lake Superior reigns supreme as the largest, a distinction reflected in its name. Not only does it hold the title of the largest Great Lake, but it also ranks as the largest lake in the United States and the second largest globally.

Here’s a glimpse into the dimensions of each Great Lake, from largest to smallest:

Lake Superior:

Spanning an impressive 31,700 square miles and boasting a shoreline stretching 2,726 miles, Lake Superior lives up to its name in every sense. Its sheer vastness is so remarkable that it could accommodate all of the other Great Lakes combined, with ample space remaining for three additional lakes the size of Lake Erie.

Lake Superior’s majestic presence has garnered well-deserved recognition, earning it the esteemed title of No. 3 in USA TODAY’s 2024 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for the Best Lake. Its expansive surface area is home to a diverse array of marine life, from majestic lake sturgeon to vibrant yellow perch, making it a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Furthermore, Lake Superior was honored as No. 5 in USA TODAY’s 2024 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for the Best Lake for Swimming, solidifying its status as a beloved destination for water enthusiasts.

From its awe-inspiring dimensions to its ecological significance, Lake Superior serves as a testament to the unparalleled natural beauty encapsulated within Michigan’s Great Lakes.

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