Michigan Gets Snubbed in ‘Best States for a Summer Road Trip’ List

With summer in full swing and school out, families are ready to hit the road. Choosing the perfect destination, however, can be tricky. To help out, WalletHub has released its list of the ‘Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips.’

How the Rankings Were Determined

WalletHub based its rankings on three main categories: costs, safety, and activities. They looked at factors like gas prices, car repair costs, hotel and camping prices, the general cost of living, traffic safety, road and bridge quality, car theft rates, and the availability of attractions such as national parks, zoos, and amusement parks.

Top State for a Summer Road Trip

Texas topped WalletHub’s list as the best state for a summer road trip, thanks to its wide array of activities, reasonable costs, and safety measures.

Michigan’s Surprising Ranking

Despite its numerous attractions and natural beauty, Michigan ranked 19th. This might surprise many Michiganders who take pride in their state’s offerings. While it’s true that Michigan’s roads and gas prices could be better, the state is full of activities and scenic views that make it an excellent choice for a summer road trip.

Michigan’s Summer Highlights

Michigan offers a variety of experiences for road trippers:

Lakes and Beaches: With thousands of inland lakes and the Great Lakes, Michigan is perfect for swimming and water sports. Lake Michigan was recently named the best lake to visit this summer.

Fruit and Flower Picking: Seasonal activities include picking strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and lavender.

Historic Sites and Museums: Visitors can explore The Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, and other cultural landmarks.

Mackinac Island: This car-free island offers bike tours, horse-drawn carriage rides, and delicious fudge.

Final Thoughts

Despite not making the top 15, Michigan remains a fantastic destination for a summer road trip. Its natural beauty, diverse activities, and unique attractions provide plenty of reasons to explore the state. For those interested in seeing the full list and rankings.

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