Looking to Live Off the Grid? 3 Ohio Counties Are Among the Country’s Top Choices

If you’re dreaming of a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city or the predictability of suburbia, an off-grid lifestyle might be just what you need.

Recent polls reveal that three counties in Ohio are among the best places in the country to live off the grid. These locations offer solitude, natural beauty, and a sense of community that makes off-grid living appealing.

Top Ohio Counties for Off-Grid Living

Vinton County: Nature’s Remote Haven

Ranked 19th in the nation, Vinton County in southeastern Ohio is a top choice for those seeking an off-grid lifestyle. Known for its remote setting, the county is a haven of forests and wildlife. According to the 2020 Census, it is the least populated county in Ohio with only 12,800 residents.

The county seat, McArthur, is surrounded by numerous state parks, state forests, and a section of Wayne National Forest. This abundance of natural resources makes Vinton County ideal for anyone looking to live in harmony with nature while enjoying the seclusion that off-grid living provides.

Hocking County: A Scenic Escape

Coming in at 55th on the national list, Hocking County is another excellent option for off-grid enthusiasts. Located in southern Ohio, this county is famed for its rolling hills and dense forests. The highlight is the Hocking Hills State Park, renowned for its award-winning hiking trails.

With a population of 28,097 as per the 2020 Census, Hocking County boasts a low population density, which is perfect for those wanting to escape urban life. The county’s natural beauty and tranquility make it a prime location for sustainable and self-sufficient living.

Meigs County: Riverside Retreat

Meigs County, ranked 132nd, is situated along the Ohio River in southeastern Ohio. This county offers large tracts of undeveloped land, forests, and waterways, making it a superb choice for an off-grid lifestyle.

With a population of 22,210, according to the 2020 Census, Meigs County provides the seclusion and resources necessary for living off the grid. The county’s scenic landscapes and remote areas are ideal for those who value privacy and a close connection to nature.

Top 5 Locations Nationwide to Live Off the Grid

Beyond Ohio, several other locations across the United States are renowned for their suitability for off-grid living:

Wasco County, Oregon: Historical and Remote

Ranked 1st, Wasco County in Oregon gained fame as the setting for the Netflix series “Wild Wild Country,” which documented the controversial Rajneeshpuram community.

Despite its tumultuous history, the county’s remote setting and natural beauty have renewed interest in off-grid living. Wasco County offers the perfect blend of isolation and natural splendor, making it an attractive choice for those wanting to live independently.

Hot Springs County, Wyoming: Natural Wellness

Hot Springs County in central Wyoming, ranked 2nd, is known for its natural hot springs, rivers, and mountains. This rural environment provides the essential seclusion and resources necessary for off-grid living. The county’s natural wellness features make it a serene place to establish an off-grid home.

Meriwether County, Georgia: Agricultural Abundance

Ranked 3rd, Meriwether County in west-central Georgia offers large parcels of land and a strong agricultural community. The county’s abundant natural resources support a sustainable off-grid lifestyle, providing ample opportunities for farming and self-sufficiency.

Bienville Parish, Louisiana: Forests and Waterways

Bienville Parish in northern Louisiana, ranked 4th, is known for its access to forests and bodies of water. This rural parish provides privacy and opportunities for alternative living, making it a suitable place for those looking to live off the land.

Somerset County, Maine: Forested Beauty

Completing the top five, Somerset County in central Maine boasts vast forests and access to rivers and lakes. Its low population density and natural beauty make it an ideal location for off-grid living. The county’s pristine environment is perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in nature.

Top Off-Grid Locations in Indiana and Kentucky

The poll also identified popular counties for off-grid living in Indiana and Kentucky:


  • Parke County (21st): Known for its rural charm and covered bridges.
  • Brown County (82nd): Offers a picturesque setting with forests and rolling hills.
  • Greene County (146th): Features vast agricultural lands and rural landscapes.


  • Adair County (38th): Known for its agricultural heritage and rolling farmlands.
  • Knox County (67th): Offers a secluded environment with natural beauty.
  • Breathitt County (141st): Features rugged terrain and abundant natural resources.

If you’re considering an off-grid lifestyle, these counties in Ohio, as well as other top-ranked locations nationwide, offer the seclusion, natural resources, and community support to make your dream a reality.

Each location provides unique benefits, whether it’s the dense forests of Vinton County, the scenic trails of Hocking County, or the riverside retreats in Meigs County. Embrace the tranquility and sustainability of off-grid living in these ideal settings.

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