Lisbon School District Receives Ohio Auditor of State Award

The Lisbon School District has been awarded the Ohio Auditor of State Award, an honor that highlights excellence in financial reporting and compliance.

This prestigious recognition is a result of the district’s 2023 financial audit. Jennifer Coldsnow, the district’s treasurer, accepted the award with congratulations from Lisbon school board President T.K. Hiscox. Coldsnow expressed her gratitude to her dedicated staff, acknowledging their hard work as the foundation for this achievement.

Lisbon school board members, along with Superintendent Joe Siefke, praised Coldsnow and her team for their meticulous efforts. Coldsnow, who also serves as the treasurer for the Leetonia School District, emphasized the crucial role her staff plays in maintaining high standards of financial management.

The district’s accomplishment was further recognized by the Ohio House of Representatives. State Representative Monica Robb Blasdel, R-Columbiana, presented a resolution acknowledging the district’s commitment to efficient, effective, and transparent financial practices.

In Other Business:

Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance supervisor Roger Tullis provided updates on various ongoing and completed projects within the district. The major project of replacing the roof at McKinley Elementary has been successfully completed.

Upcoming tasks include a concrete project at the bus garage, scheduled for the first week of July, and the replacement of the weight room door at David Anderson Jr./Sr. High School, set for the second week of July. Tullis also mentioned the regular summer inspections and cleaning activities.

Athletic Sponsorships

Athletic Director Kyle Bing announced that the district is seeking sponsors for the scoreboard. Sponsorship opportunities include prime positions at $7,500 for the top of the scoreboard and $5,000 for the bottom. This initiative is part of the district’s efforts to enhance athletic facilities through community support.

School Activities and Professional Development

Principals Keith Edenfield of David Anderson Jr./Sr. High School and Dan Kemats of McKinley School shared updates on recent school activities.

They highlighted the end-of-year events and noted that staff members are participating in various professional development programs over the summer. These opportunities aim to enhance teaching skills and improve student outcomes in the upcoming academic year.

Staffing Changes and Approvals

The board accepted the resignation of band/choir director Kyle Zimmerman, who has taken a new position as East Palestine’s band director. They welcomed Dominic Meyer, a Boardman and Youngstown State University graduate, as the new high school band/choir director.

Meyer, who has prior experience teaching at Lowellville, was hired at a salary of $36,916 and is expected to make a seamless transition given his existing connections with Lisbon students and staff.

The board also decided to maintain the substitute teacher pay rate at $110 per day, aligning with the rates of nearby districts such as Columbiana and Leetonia. This decision reflects the district’s commitment to fair compensation while ensuring they remain competitive in attracting qualified substitute teachers.

Personnel Approvals and Contracts

Several personnel-related decisions were made, including:

  • Approval of extended time for Director of Student Services Lisa Baker (15 days), nurse Kella Haren (five days), and guidance counselor Melissa Kemats (eight days).
  • New three-year contracts for special education coordinator Lynne Beech and maintenance supervisor Roger Tulles, effective from August 1, 2024, to July 31, 2027.
  • Approval of classified stipends of $7,000 per year for administrative assistant/EMIS coordinator Sally Brammer and assistant treasurer Terry Woyan, recognizing their additional roles and responsibilities.
  • Hiring of Beth Helman for custodial services at the board offices and Heidi Daily as a permanent substitute for food services.

The board also approved a stipend of $75 per student per course for online instructors for the second semester of the 2023-2024 school year. This initiative is intended to fairly compensate teachers handling online courses, with specific amounts allocated based on the number of students.

Additional Decisions

The board issued a retire/rehire contract to Beth Hiscox, the gifted coordinator, for $43,191. T.K. Hiscox abstained from voting due to a familial relationship. Other decisions included:

  • Contracting with Gardiner of Solon for heating and cooling system services at $16,272 per year.
  • Renewing liability insurance with Liberty Mutual through Holloway Insurance.
  • Contracting with Finalsite for website design and upkeep at $4,800 for the upcoming year.
  • Opting out of providing career technical education to seventh and eighth-grade students.
  • Approving services with the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools for the 2024-2025 school year at $364.
  • Entering an agreement with Jefferson County Educational Service Center for the next school year.
  • Partnering with North Star Critical Care for ambulance services for the 2024 football season, with services donated.
  • Approving the first reading of student handbooks for the next school year.
  • Subscribing to the SafeSchools Online Staff Training System for $978.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17, at the administration building.

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