Late Night Hosts Disappointed by Trump’s Absence on the Stand

Late-night hosts were disappointed that former President Donald Trump did not testify at his criminal trial on Tuesday, despite his previous indications that he would.

Jimmy Fallon jokingly commented, “He was ready to testify, but then he noticed there were three steps and no handrail.”

Stephen Colbert chimed in, remarking, “Trump remaining silent?” What happened – did he write himself a cheque for $130,000?” Michael Kosta also chimed in, questioning, “Could it be that Donald Trump is not being truthful?”

The hosts kept up their playful conversation, as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out something interesting about a video that Trump had shared on Truth Social. He mentioned, “If you take a closer look, you’ll notice they sneaked in the words ‘A Unified Reich’.” A Fourth Reich, so to speak.

Kimmel also added humorously, “On a positive note, Trump seems to have a desire to unite the nation.” Unfortunately, the country in question is Germany in 1933.

Stephen Colbert jokingly remarked that the acronym MAGA could now be interpreted as ‘Make America Germany Around 1938.’

Jimmy Fallon wrapped up the segment with a witty remark, suggesting that even Confederate statues were in agreement that the ad should be removed.

Additionally, Billie Eilish showcased her latest single “Lunch” during her performance on “The Late Show,” while J.B. Smoove is scheduled to make an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

In a recent development, actress Riley Keough has come forward with allegations against a company that she claims was involved in a fraudulent scheme to auction off her grandfather Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis.

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