Kristi Noem Faces Backlash Over Book Anecdotes Amid VP Speculation

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem finds herself embroiled in controversy following the release of her upcoming book, “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.”

The book rollout has not only thrust her into an unwanted spotlight but has also highlighted her absence from former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential shortlist, according to sources familiar with the list.

One particularly contentious anecdote from the book involves Noem’s decision to euthanize her 14-month-old wirehair pointer, Cricket, whom she deemed “untrainable.” This revelation sparked public debate and scrutiny, prompting bipartisan criticism and the formation of a Congressional Dog Lovers Caucus as a subtle rebuke to the governor.

Despite defending her actions as necessary and responsible, Noem faced additional backlash over other claims in her book. Reports surfaced suggesting that she falsely asserted meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un and French President Emmanuel Macron. In response, Noem’s spokesperson acknowledged these errors and pledged to correct them in future editions.

The controversy surrounding Noem’s book compounds existing doubts about her political future. Once considered a top contender for Trump’s vice presidential pick, Noem’s recent missteps, including her handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and ethical concerns, have diminished her standing within the Republican Party. Trump himself has privately criticized her disclosure of the Cricket anecdote and subsequent attempts at damage control.

Despite her scheduled appearances at prominent Republican events, such as a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, Noem’s viability as a vice presidential candidate remains in question. The fallout from her book has not only jeopardized her political prospects but has also prompted safety concerns, leading to the cancellation of a fundraising event in Denver.

As Noem navigates the fallout from her book, political observers note the importance of maintaining visibility and shaping the narrative. However, her recent controversies have raised doubts about her ability to effectively defend herself and align with Trump’s agenda, casting uncertainty over her political future.

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