Insight into an Abortion Clinic in Fort Pierce, Florida Before State’s Six-Week Ban

As the clock struck past 5 a.m. on one of the final days before Florida’s new abortion law would come into effect, A Woman’s World Medical Center in Fort Pierce found itself bustling with activity. Candace Dye, the clinic’s founder, and her team were preparing for a busy morning, with every appointment slot booked.

Effective Wednesday, Florida will implement a six-week abortion ban, drastically limiting access to the procedure. This change marks a significant shift from the previous allowance of abortions up to approximately 24 weeks.

For Ms. Dye, the looming ban raises concerns about the future of her clinic, which has served the community since 1991. She is unsure if she will have to downsize her staff or even close her doors.

The clinic, located about 130 miles north of Miami, faced opposition from anti-abortion protesters who gathered outside, attempting to dissuade patients from entering. Despite the challenges, volunteers wearing neon pink vests escorted patients past the protesters, ensuring their safe access to the clinic.

Inside, patients like Jerneka Davis, 20, and Farrah, 35, expressed relief at being able to access abortion services. Davis, still in school and working as a waitress, emphasized the importance of having a choice over her own body. Farrah, a mother of two, feared the consequences of the six-week ban, worrying that it would drive women to seek unsafe abortions.

Ms. Dye recounted her journey from a past marked by addiction and incarceration to her current role as a provider of essential healthcare services. Despite the uncertain future, she remains determined to keep her clinic open, even considering opening a halfway house for women in recovery if necessary.

As Florida prepares to implement its six-week abortion ban, clinics like A Woman’s World face an uncertain future, leaving many women concerned about their reproductive rights and access to safe healthcare services.

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