Injustice or Legal Obligation? Trump’s Battle for Son’s Graduation Attendance

Amidst the ongoing legal proceedings involving former President Trump, there’s a surge of criticism towards Judge Merchan’s recent indecision regarding Trump’s attendance at his son Barron’s upcoming high school graduation in May.

Outcry Over Judge’s Decision

Trump’s allies are quick to condemn Judge Merchan’s stance, branding it as heartless and unjust. Eric Trump took to the social platform X to express his disappointment, stating, “Judge Merchan is truly heartless in not letting a father attend his son’s graduation.”

Legal Constraints and Trump’s Plea

New York state law mandates Trump’s presence throughout the trial, barring any exemptions unless granted by the judge. Despite this, Trump’s plea to attend his son’s graduation remains unresolved as Judge Merchan refrains from making a decisive ruling.

Trump voices his frustration, accusing Judge Merchan of hindering his paternal duties. He emphasizes Barron’s anticipation of having both parents present at the graduation ceremony, underscoring his desire to partake in this significant milestone.

Trump’s Allegations and Frustrations

In various public statements and social media posts, Trump denounces the trial as a sham, expressing his disillusionment with the legal proceedings. He questions the judge’s motives, attributing his predicament to what he perceives as a biased judiciary system.

Through his posts on Truth Social and interactions with reporters, Trump laments the potential absence at Barron’s graduation, painting it as a consequence of political vendetta rather than legal obligation.

Outpouring of Support and Criticism

Trump’s predicament garners sympathy and condemnation from political figures and supporters alike. Senator Mike Lee condemns the decision as “deliberately cruel,” emphasizing the emotional toll it imposes on Trump and his family.

Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake echoes similar sentiments, expressing heartbreak over the situation and condemning the judge’s actions as heartless and unjust.

Rep. Byron Donalds joins the chorus of criticism, labeling Judge Merchan’s decision as pure spite and questioning its rationale.


The ongoing saga surrounding Trump’s legal battles continues to elicit strong reactions, with the debate extending beyond legal nuances to encompass broader questions of empathy, justice, and familial obligations.

As the case unfolds, the spotlight remains on Judge Merchan’s pivotal decision and its implications for both Trump and his family.

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