I-93 Widening Work to Head Toward Kendall Pond Bridge

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) has announced the start of the next phase of the Interstate 93 widening project.

This portion will entail widening of I-93 between the Windham weigh station and the bridge over Kendall Pond Road in Derry,  just south of Exit 4 and Route 102. The project is expected to kick off in spring 2016 and to be completed by fall 2019. The widening will be sequenced to minimize traffic disruption, to the greatest extent possible.

Audley Construction has been awarded the nearly $50 million contract with NHDOT. The final product will provide three lanes in both the north and south directions.

Derry abutters of I-93 may notice survey markings and other preliminary work along the I-93 right-of-way over the next few months. The areas closest to the future construction include Rebecca Lane, Derryfield Road, Matthew Drive, Spinnaker Drive and Tracy Lane. The initial work scope for 2016 will include tree clearing, construction of detention ponds, blasting and ledge removal, and fill work within the median.

Abutters in the areas in proximity to blasting have already been contacted to participate in pre-blast surveys, which generally are conducted within 1,000 feet of an anticipated blasting site. The pre-blast surveys serve to record the pre-blast condition of each property as a protective measure, should there be any concerns at a later date.

There are also subsequent contracts to be bid for sections north of Kendall Pond Road, including Exit 4.

This project is completely independent of the proposed Exit 4A, which is currently undergoing the process to prepare documents for an environmental review.

For further information, contact the NHDOT Field Office at 890-1661 or www.rebuildingi93.com.