Hampstead ZBA Approves Garage for Properties on Edgewater Lane

By Alex Malm

During the Nov. 3 Hampstead Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting the Board heard a case regarding the properties at 18 and 19 Edgewater Lane.

Representing the owners Francis and Linda Hastings was James Lavelle.

Linda Hastings said that she had been coming to Hampstead since she was seven years old since the property was her family’s summer lake house. She is now 70 years old, she said.

A few years ago they bought it from her parents and decided that they wanted to move there permanently, which is why they are looking to make it a year round home.

“That’s why we’re doing this,” she said. “We love Hampstead, that’s why we decided to move here permanently.”

One of the variance requests was to allow them to build a garage that won’t meet side and front setbacks. They were also seeking a variance to have an accessory dwelling unit that was greater than 600 ft.

It was pointed out by the Board that in order to put the garage up they would have to take the two sheds down that are currently on the lot which Lavelle said they would agree to.

The Board also asked if they would be willing to keep the size of the garage to 600 square feet which would help them to limit the amount of setback they are encroaching on which Lavelle said they were amenable to.

It was pointed out by Lavelle that by having the new garage there it would be improving it and would help the surrounding properties.

The Board ultimately approved the variance requests for the garage setbacks and the variance for the size was withdrawn.

For the house Lavelle said that it will essentially be the same size as the current house and would have further setbacks than it does now although it still doesn’t meet the requirements.

“The Hastings would’ve liked to move the house further away from the lake so they could have more room to sit out in the yard, however, the septic system is closer to the road,” Lavelle said.

In regards to the variance to have the garage on the lot across the street, Lavelle said many houses around the lake have their house on one side of the street and their garage on the other.

“It’s not uncommon around the lake to have a house on one side of the road and then the garage across the street,” Lavelle said.

The Board ultimately approved the special exception for the house and to have the garage on the across the street lot with the condition that they wouldn’t exceed the existing non-conforming use.

The next Hampstead ZBA meeting is slated for Dec. 1 at 7 p.m.