Hampstead Superintendent Lays Out 2021-22 Entry Plan

By Alex Malm

HAMPSTEAD – During the July 6 Hampstead School District meeting the school district’s first superintendent as an independent school district went over his entry plan with the school board.
“The purpose of the Superintendent Entry Plan is to outline specific goals and activities that will occur within 90 days of the superintendency of Bob Thompson. The entry plan focuses on engaging stakeholder groups including but not limited to: teachers, support staff, administrators, school board members, parents, community members, the business community, local non-profit organizations, and civic leaders,” the introduction of the entry plan stated.
“The information collected from the entry plan will provide insight into the day-to-day operations of the district, facilitate the building of relationships with key stakeholders, determine where critical support and resources will be allocated, and serve the foundation for the development of the next Hampstead School District Strategic Plan,” the plan went on to state.
Thompson said that as part of the process he wants to get feedback from as many stakeholders as possible whether someone lives in town or has kids in the school district or not.
“I want to hear from everyone in this community,” he said.
In his entry plan Thompson laid out four official goals that he has for the first 90 days in the position, and the different ways he plans on meeting the goals.
Many of those things he has already completed.
“A lot of the work has already begun before July 1,” Thompson said.
The first goal is to examine the current instructional practices within the Hampstead School District.
One of the ways he plans on doing so is by meeting with individual school board members to identify individual values, priorities and expectations for him.
Another way is by meeting with building principals and teacher leaders to gain an understanding of the status of current district’s initiatives including but not limited to: Response to Intervention, Professional Learning Communities, Universal Design for Learning, and Social Emotional Learning.
He also plans on extending an opportunity to all faculty and staff for an in-person or Zoom listening session.
Thompson’s second goal is to develop and maintain a proactive and open relationship with community members, parents, civic leaders, and the local business community.
Like for his staff, one of the ways Thompson plans on meeting this goal is by inviting all parents and guardians of Hampstead students to in-person or Zoom listening sessions.
He also plans on extending a meeting invitation to community leaders, faith-based organizations, emergency services, Hampstead Board of Selectmen and other individuals to discuss community partnerships with the Hampstead School District
A third goal set forth by Thompson is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the operational needs of the school district.
One of the ways he plans on meeting this goal is by establishing weekly finance meetings with the Hampstead Chief Financial Officer for the purpose of understanding the financial state of the district as well as capital improvement planning.
Another way is by establishing a Superintendent Advisory Council composed of representative stakeholders from the Hampstead Central School and the Hampstead Middle School. The Advisory Council will include: a teacher, a paraeducator, office staff, building administrators, a school counselor, and a nurse.
For the final goal Thompson hopes to develop and enhance the capacity for organizational leadership within the Hampstead School District.
Some of the ways he plans on doing this is by developing a framework for a new five year strategic plan incorporating representatives from various stakeholder groups in the school and larger community.
He also plans on collaborating with the Hampstead School Board to develop a comprehensive superintendent evaluation process.
A summary report of the first 90 days will be given to the Hampstead School Board on Oct. 15.