Hampstead School Board Reviews Latest Designs For HCS Addition

By Alex Malm

The Hampstead School Board received an update regarding the proposed Hampstead Central School addition during the Oct. 25 meeting, which included reviewing preliminary designs.
School Board Chair, David Smith, said in the coming weeks they are going to have more information being presented to the Building Committee.
He said they are also going to look at areas where they could reduce the price.
Smith said they decided previously to come up with a new plan after the warrant wasn’t passed in the past.
He added that it came down to three different areas they thought they had to address including safety, satisfying special education needs, and having enough student education space.
“That’s what we’re really looking to address,” said Smith.
It was noted by School Board Vice Chair, Jason Giard, they are continuing to discuss things as a building committee and are continuing to get feedback from different stakeholders.
“This is something we’re working on behind the scenes you know weekly, monthly,” said Giard.
Hampstead Superintendent, Bob Thompson, explained that on the first floor they would have the main office and then would have three offices in the suite, which would be for the principal, assistant principal, and for meeting space.
Also on the first floor, would be the nurses office, which would include a restroom and would have space for three cots, which Thompson said would be the appropriate amount for the number of students they have.
The library under the proposal would be doubled in space, Thompson said, which will also have an office for the librarian and library assistant along with a multi use space. He said they anticipate it being used for storage.
In the back of the building, the design would be to have the four new classrooms they are adding, Thompson said.
“These classrooms meet the minimum standard of 900 square feet,” said Thompson.
Thompson stated it would allow for additional enrollment if they get more students in the District.
The plan is to also fix the undersized 60s wing stairwell, which is dangerous during emergency evacuations. The plan is to create a new stairwell between the two proposed classrooms behind the 60’s wing, which will replace the current undersized stairwell.
Smith pointed out that since they are going to have a brand new plan it means the process is taking longer than it has in the past when they essentially recycled the previous plan. He added that they are also going to continue to talk to parents, students, and staff members to see what they would like to see.
“With the new plans we want to make sure we get this right,” said Smith.
It was noted they will continue to make updates on their website as they have updates on the project.

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