Hampstead School Board Gets Update On its Strategic Plan

By Alex Malm

During the Sept. 13 Hampstead School Board meeting, one of the agenda items was in regards to the strategic plan.
Hampstead Superintendent, Robert Thompson, explained that as part of the plan one of the commitments is to go in front of the School Board each September to go over their action items and how they are completing them.
Thompson explained that over the course of the 2021-2022 school year a group of diverse stakeholders worked with an outside consultant to come up with the three year strategic plan and the five major priorities they have over that time period.
“It was very exciting to be part of that work,” said Thompson.
One of the goals is to “empower students to become expert learners who have the confidence to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their learning.”
At the middle school level, one of the action items is to “determine three areas of focus for program and practice. Survey staff to get feedback.”
Another goal they have is to “examine current programs and practices for relevance and effectiveness.”
One of the action items at Hampstead Central School, for example, is to “participate in district wide staff evaluation model, redesign and pilot.”
Another goal pointed out during the meeting is to “improve communication for staff and community stakeholders.”
One of the action items they came up with for communication at Hampstead Central School is “in collaboration with the leadership team develop a social media strategy that improves communication and showcases our school.”
School Board Chairman, David Smith, said they are doing a lot of new things that they did in the past and he thinks they should be more aggressive with getting that out there through communication.
Thompson noted he thinks there is a lot more work that can be done through social media. For example, they should be on Instagram, which if nothing else, may help with the recruitment with teachers.
He stated that it is also important for him and other administrators to go to different community events and to speak to different groups so everyone in the community knows them even if they don’t have students in the school.
Thompson noted that sometimes school districts create a strategic plan, but then put it “on a shelf” after and don’t do anything with it after it’s created.
“That will not happen in Hampstead,” said Thompson.
It was also asked by the School Board during the meeting if they would be able to get some sort of monthly update that explains the progress they are making with the action items.
Thompson said that they could.
“We certainly could do that,” said Thompson.

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