Governor Shapiro Unveils $2.5 Million Investment to Fuel Economic Growth in Westmoreland County

In Hempfield Township, PA – Governor Josh Shapiro, in collaboration with Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Rick Siger, has unveiled a significant $2.5 million grant allocation through the PA SITES (Pennsylvania Strategic Investments to Enhance Sites) pilot programme.

This funding is intended to support the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC) in enhancing public infrastructure at a former industrial site in Hempfield Township. The goal is to facilitate the creation of a new 217-acre industrial park.

The initiative, led by the Westmoreland County IDC in partnership with developer Adam Eidemiller, Inc., involves a significant project worth almost $27 million. The Commonwealth’s investment will support the improvement and development of essential public infrastructure, including grading, remediation, utility hookups, and highway enhancements.

These developments are essential for accommodating the future expansion of industrial, warehouse, and distribution facilities that cover a vast area of 800,000 to 1,000,000 square feet.

This announcement follows Governor Shapiro’s proposal to allocate $500 million in the 2024-25 budget, with the goal of promoting significant business expansions throughout Pennsylvania.

The PA SITES pilot programme has already attracted considerable attention, with more than 100 project proposals totaling $235 million in value. The Governor’s goal is to make Pennsylvania a more attractive place for businesses, promoting economic growth and creating jobs across the state.

As a result of valuable input from industry leaders and site selectors, the Shapiro Administration and DCED have introduced the PA SITES pilot programme to address the demand for easily accessible development sites.

This initiative seeks to improve the competitiveness of Pennsylvania sites for potential businesses by focusing on transportation access, utility extensions, and site preparation.

The $2.5 million grant for Westmoreland County is part of a larger investment of $10.6 million, announced by Governor Shapiro, to support site readiness initiatives across the Commonwealth. The allocation demonstrates Pennsylvania’s dedication to promoting economic growth and attracting investment.

Local officials and stakeholders have enthusiastically embraced the news, acknowledging the significant impact that infrastructure investments can have on driving economic prosperity.

Jason Rigone, Executive Director of the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation, highlighted the significance of site development in establishing Western Pennsylvania as a compelling choice for businesses.

Lou Battistella, President of Adam Eidemiller, Inc., expressed appreciation for the Commonwealth’s support, emphasising the importance of the $2.5 million grant in addressing infrastructure challenges and promoting industrial development.

PA SITES pilot programme funding has been allocated to several counties, including Westmoreland, Allegheny, Bedford, Bucks, Indiana, Lehigh, and Wayne. These investments highlight Pennsylvania’s dedication to creating a favourable environment for business growth and expansion.

The Governor’s proposed budget for 2024-25 also includes funding for programmes like Main Street Matters and initiatives aimed at bolstering regional economic competitiveness. These forward-thinking investments highlight Pennsylvania’s commitment to fostering long-term economic growth and strengthening its competitive position in the national marketplace.

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