GOP Rep. Mike Lawler Criticizes Colleagues for House Turmoil

Rep. Mike Lawler, a Republican from New York, took aim at Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida and what he dubbed as “seven useful idiots” for the chaos unfolding in the House. Lawler pointed fingers at Gaetz and his allies for their role in the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy last autumn, attributing this event to the challenges Speaker Mike Johnson faces today.

Assessing Blame and Impact

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360” Thursday night, Lawler didn’t shy away from criticizing members of his own party. He highlighted their actions as directly contributing to the erosion of Speaker Johnson’s negotiating authority, particularly regarding the ongoing debates over aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Origins of Chaos

Lawler simplified the situation, tracing back the upheaval to October when Gaetz and seven others, alongside 208 Democrats, disrupted the House’s equilibrium. He emphasized the detrimental repercussions of such actions, especially considering the subsequent terrorist attack on Israel shortly after the upheaval.

Current Developments and Challenges

The House is currently preparing for a pivotal vote on a comprehensive foreign aid package, encompassing support for Ukraine and Israel. However, dissent within the Republican ranks threatens to impede progress. Lawmakers like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie have voiced opposition to Speaker Johnson, yet have not initiated any formal action against him.

Confidence in Legislation Passage

Despite the challenges, Lawler expressed optimism about the passage of the foreign aid bill. He stressed the United States’ responsibility as a global leader to stand by its allies, especially during critical moments. Lawler underscored the necessity of sending a clear message to adversaries that their destabilizing actions would not be tolerated.

Recent Legislative Advances

The House Rules Committee recently advanced a package of foreign aid bills, albeit with the unexpected support of Democrats. Notably, three GOP members, including Massie, Chip Roy, and Ralph Norman, dissented from the party line, opposing the effort.


In conclusion, Lawler’s critique underscores the internal strife within the Republican Party and its implications for crucial legislative matters. Despite these challenges, he remains resolute in advocating for the passage of vital foreign aid legislation, emphasizing the importance of American leadership on the global stage.

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