Fugitive Arrested in Florida, Returned to Allegheny County

Hermas Craddock, a man from Verona, ended up returning to Allegheny County after he skipped his court appearance and managed to avoid being caught by the authorities.

Craddock, who is 37 years old, was arrested by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and later transported back to Pennsylvania under the watch of Allegheny County Sheriff Kevin M. Kraus.

Craddock’s difficulties started when he failed to show up for his court hearing after being released on a nonmonetary bond. This release resulted from charges connected to reportedly leading Pennsylvania State Police on a high-speed chase.

Despite facing numerous felony and misdemeanour charges, including previous violations of bond related to a gun charge, Craddock was granted a non-monetary bond.

He managed to elude authorities as he made his way from North Carolina all the way down to Florida, but eventually, law enforcement caught up with him.

Nevertheless, the judge who granted Craddock a lenient bond, Xander Orenstein, faced consequences for his decisions. Orenstein was indefinitely removed from the bench by the President Judge of Allegheny County after receiving criticism from law enforcement.

This decision was made after Orenstein granted non-monetary bonds to two alleged criminals, both of whom later failed to appear in court. Now that Craddock is in custody, he is awaiting a preliminary hearing after being processed at the Allegheny County Jail.

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