Florida Lottery Draws Produce Multiple Winners Across the State

In the latest Florida Lottery drawings held on Thursday, May 2, two fortunate players emerged as winners, with tickets purchased at popular grocery chains Publix and Winn-Dixie.

Among the games played on Thursday were Cash4Life, Cash Pop, and Fantasy 5. Notably, the winning Fantasy 5 ticket for the evening drawing was sold at Winn Dixie #247 located at 1155 NW 11th St. in Miami.

Here are the results from Thursday’s draws:

Cash4Life Winning Numbers (May 2 Drawing)

– Winning Numbers: 4-25-30-43-57
– Cashball: 2
– Jackpot for $1,000 a day for life: No winners
– Jackpot for $1,000 a week for life: No winners
– Next Jackpot Draw Date: May 3

Cash4Life offers players the chance to win lifetime prizes by matching five white balls and the Cash Ball. Even matching only the five white balls secures the second prize of $1,000 a week for life.

Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers for Midday Drawing (May 2)

– Winning Numbers: 6-17-19-28-29
– Jackpot: $58,144.84
– Winning Tickets: One sold at Publix, 13450 Summerport Village Parkway, Windermere
– Next Jackpot Draw Date: May 3

Fantasy 5, a daily draw game, offers a substantial top prize, with winnings rolling down to lower prize levels if there’s no top-prize winner.

Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers for Evening Drawing (May 2)

– Winning Numbers: 10-15-16-28-35
– Jackpot: $123,305.29
– Winning Ticket: One sold at Winn Dixie #247, 1155 NW 11th St., Miami
– Next Jackpot Draw Date: May 3

In the event of no top prize winner, the prize pool rolls down, ensuring winners who match four out of the five numbers receive a share of the winnings.

Cash Pop Winners (May 2 Drawing)

– Morning: 1 winner
– Matinee: 8 winners
– Afternoon: 4 winners
– Evening: 15 winners
– Late night: 2 winners

Cash Pop offers players the opportunity to win prizes up to $1,250 by matching just one number, with various prize levels based on the amount played and the number of consecutive draws selected.

The Florida Lottery continues to offer exciting opportunities for players to test their luck and potentially win big.

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