Florida Discovers $54,000 in Unclaimed Assets for Donald Trump

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, recently revealed that Donald Trump has $54,000 in unclaimed assets in the state. Patronis, a Republican appointed to his position in 2017, made the announcement via social media, indicating that the funds could be from dormant bank accounts, stocks, or dividends.

The discovery was made through a search for Trump’s properties in Florida, where he resides at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach.

Patronis encouraged Trump to claim the assets, especially considering his ongoing legal battles. Trump is currently facing multiple criminal cases, including a trial in New York related to charges of falsifying business documents. Despite pleading not guilty and alleging political targeting by prosecutors, Trump’s legal expenses continue to mount.

In his message to Trump, Patronis emphasized the importance of having resources to combat what he described as “radical state attorneys” and urged Trump to reclaim the assets to support his defense efforts.

Florida, known for hosting numerous Trump properties and businesses, expressed pride in having the former president and his family as residents. However, Trump’s legal challenges have resulted in significant financial burdens, with legal fees surpassing $100 million since leaving office in 2021.

To cover these expenses, Trump has utilized funds from the Save America PAC, which has allocated over $62 million towards legal fees since January 2023.

In addition to legal fees, Trump was required to post a $175 million bond in a civil business fraud case while appealing a ruling against him in New York. As Trump navigates his legal troubles, the discovery of unclaimed assets in Florida offers a potential financial resource amid mounting legal expenses.

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