Firefighter Back on the Job in Derry, Still Out in Chester

Michael Willinsky of Chester has returned to his job with the Derry Fire Department.

The firefighter/paramedic was back on the job Dec. 15, according to Town Administrator Galen Stearns.

Stearns said Willinsky is back on full-time, full-day work and his benefits and retirement were not interrupted.

Willinsky, who is also deputy chief for the Chester Fire Department, was arrested Sept. 16 after police were called to his home at 127 Haverhill Road. Chester officer Timothy Loveless wrote in a report that Willinsky allegedly slapped his wife while holding her in a chair and preventing her from leaving.

He was charged with two counts of simple assault and one charge of false imprisonment after police responded to the call and witnessed him hitting his wife. An emergency restraining order was put in place Sept. 16 and Willinsky was arraigned Sept. 18 and released on cash bail. He allegedly violated the emergency restraining order by contacting his stepson at the Derry Fire Department. He is also alleged to have withdrawn $45,000 from a joint account, a further violation of the restraining order. He was taken to the Rockingham County House of Correction in Brentwood and later released.

At the time, he was suspended from the Chester department without pay and the Derry department with pay. He has not yet been reinstated in Chester.

His trial date is Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. in Derry District Court on charges of simple assault, false imprisonment and violating a restraining order from the alleged incidents in September.