Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Florida Law on Transporting Migrants

District Judge Roy Altman has temporarily halted a Florida law that would impose criminal penalties on residents who knowingly transport illegal immigrants into the state. This pause will remain in place until a lawsuit filed by the Farmworker Association of Florida is resolved.

Farmworker Association’s Lawsuit

The Farmworker Association of Florida contends that this law negatively impacts their businesses. They also argue that it puts people, including U.S. citizens, at risk of arrest or prosecution for everyday activities, such as driving someone to an appointment or going on vacation.

Judge Altman’s Ruling

Judge Altman noted that the law might be invalid, stating it “extends beyond the state’s authority to make arrests for violations of federal immigration law and intrudes into territory that is preempted by federal law.”

This temporary block ensures that the farmworker association’s lawsuit can move forward without the immediate threat of the law being enforced.

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