Family Seeks Justice After Son Allegedly Pushed Into Lake by Friends

A family in Shreveport, Louisiana, is demanding justice after their 26-year-old son, Christopher Gilbert, was allegedly pushed into Lake D’Arbonne by his friends and left underwater for nearly 10 minutes.

According to Yolanda George, Gilbert’s mother, the incident occurred while he was at a lakefront restaurant with his friends on April 14. George received a distressing phone call from one of Gilbert’s friends, informing her that he had fallen into the lake and had been submerged for approximately 10 minutes.

Upon receiving the call, George was devastated. She recounted feeling as though her life had come to an end in that moment. Gilbert, who couldn’t swim, was reported to be brain dead and experiencing organ failure, as conveyed to George by a doctor.

Gilbert, a recent master’s degree graduate in biological science who was preparing for medical school, had his life drastically altered by the incident.

The family’s attorney, Claudia Payne, stated that Gilbert’s friend group initially claimed he had fallen into the lake. However, further investigation revealed that he was allegedly pushed into the water by a girl within the group.

Video footage from the day in question reportedly shows one friend attempting to enter the water to assist Gilbert. Eventually, a customer from a nearby restaurant intervened and pulled Gilbert from the lake.

Payne asserted that the legal team considers the incident a criminal act rather than mere horseplay, advocating for an arrest to be made. They are also seeking accountability from the restaurant owner for failing to ensure Gilbert’s safety as a patron.

Despite being hospitalized, Gilbert’s health has shown signs of improvement, and he is now able to communicate again. However, his current condition remains precarious.

The circumstances surrounding why Gilbert remained underwater for an extended period are still unclear, adding to the family’s distress and desire for justice.

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