Extremely Rare White Bison Born in Yellowstone National Park

Last week, photographer Erin Braaten captured a truly extraordinary moment in Yellowstone National Park: the birth of a rare white bison calf. Though she arrived just minutes after the birth, Braaten was able to take several photos of the newborn, which quickly attracted attention from animal lovers around the world.

Braaten, an experienced outdoor photographer from Montana, frequently visits Yellowstone. She described the experience as surreal and one of the most remarkable moments she has ever photographed.

While Yellowstone officials have not yet confirmed the birth, the Lakota Sioux tribe plans to hold a special celebration ceremony on June 26. The event will take place at the Buffalo Field Campaign’s headquarters in West Yellowstone.

According to James Holt, executive director of the Buffalo Field Campaign, the birth of a white bison holds deep significance for the Lakota Sioux, symbolizing both a blessing and a warning.

Although white bison are extremely rare, this isn’t the only recent sighting. In the past month, two other white bison calves have been reported—one at a ranch in Central Texas and another at a state park in Wyoming.

To see more of Erin Braaten’s work, you can visit her Facebook, Instagram, or her website, Dancing Aspens Photography.

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