Exploring the Most Haunted Hospitals: Ghost Stories from Around the World

Hospitals have always been places of healing and hope, but they can also harbor dark and eerie stories that linger long after the last patient has left.

Over the decades or centuries since their inception, some hospitals have accumulated a reputation for being haunted. These haunted hospitals, often housed in beautiful old buildings past their prime, attract thrill-seekers and ghost hunters alike.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the chilling tales associated with these institutions are enough to send shivers down your spine.

The Spooky Allure of Haunted Hospitals

Haunted hospitals hold a unique place in the realm of paranormal exploration. Many of these buildings once served as asylums or sanatoriums, housing patients with misunderstood and often stigmatized mental illnesses.

Today, these abandoned structures draw visitors eager to experience the ghostly presences that are said to inhabit them. Ghost tours and TV crews are frequently welcomed, allowing the curious to delve into the haunted histories of these places.

While science might offer explanations for disembodied voices and shadowy figures, the thrill of the unknown continues to captivate many.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium: A Ghostly Legacy in Louisville, Ky.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the most infamous haunted hospitals in the United States. Originally built in 1910 to treat tuberculosis patients, the sanatorium expanded significantly by 1926 to accommodate the growing number of cases.

Patients underwent various treatments, some of which were quite extreme, such as lung surgeries and the insertion of balloons into the lungs. When treatments failed, a 500-foot tunnel, known as the “body chute,” discreetly transported bodies away from the facility.

Today, Waverly Hills is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors reporting ghost sightings and other eerie experiences. The tunnel area is a hotspot for paranormal activity, and the ghost of a nurse in Room 502 is a common sight.

One Yelp reviewer shared their spine-tingling experience: “We walked up by there, and I got some weird vibes. Hair stood up on my arms, I felt flush, sometimes a little queasy. It’s awesome!”

Eloise Complex: The Haunted Asylum of Westland, Mich.

The Eloise Complex in Westland, Michigan, has a history that dates back to 1839 when it started as a poorhouse and farm.

Over the years, it expanded to include a psychiatric hospital, a tuberculosis sanatorium, and a county hospital. At its peak, Eloise housed about 10,000 people and had its own support services, including a fire station and a cemetery.

Modern-day visitors to Eloise have reported hearing mysterious moans, screams, and encountering the spectral figure of a woman in white.

A TV reporter exploring the facility even captured glowing lights floating around her and the camera crew. Despite its haunted reputation, Eloise has struggled to find a buyer since it went up for sale in 2015. Mike Deighan, handling the sale, has remained tight-lipped about the hauntings, citing client confidentiality.

Rolling Hills Asylum: Ghostly Inmates in Bethany, N.Y.

Rolling Hills Asylum, originally the Genesee County Poorhouse, opened in 1827 in Bethany, New York. The institution housed a diverse population, including “habitual drunkards,” “lunatics,” paupers, and state paupers. Residents were referred to as “inmates,” and the facility was known for performing lobotomies and electric shock therapy.

One of the most frequently seen ghosts at Rolling Hills is Roy, who reportedly died in 1942. Standing seven feet tall in life, Roy is said to appear as an equally tall shadow, often crying. Visitors have also reported hearing footsteps and capturing ghostly images on their cameras.

Northville State Hospital: A Modern Haunting in Northville, Mich.

Opened in 1952, Northville State Hospital in Northville, Michigan, was considered a modern mental hospital at the time. It promoted art and music therapy for patients and offered various vocational training programs.

However, by the 1970s, priorities shifted, leading to the hospital’s decline and eventual closure in the early 2000s. The abandoned hospital became a local legend, with young people sneaking in to explore its eerie halls.

Trespassers have reported hearing footsteps and voices in the tunnels beneath the hospital, and some have even felt the sensation of someone breathing on them. However, many thrill-seekers found themselves facing fines and community service hours for their illicit adventures.

Pennhurst Asylum: Controversial and Haunted in Chester County, Pa.

Pennhurst Asylum in Chester County, Pennsylvania, opened in 1908 to house patients with physical and mental disabilities.

Like many institutions of its time, Pennhurst also held orphans, immigrants, and other individuals who had nowhere else to go. By the 1960s, overcrowding and underfunding had led to deplorable conditions, which were exposed by television reporter Bill Baldini.

Despite its dark history, Pennhurst has become a controversial tourist attraction. Ghost hunters from WeirdNJ have captured eerie voices on their recordings, including phrases like “We’re upset,” “Why won’t you leave?” and “Go away.” The haunted reputation of Pennhurst continues to draw curious visitors, even as it remains a poignant reminder of past injustices.

The Haunting of Royal Hope Hospital, Florida

Royal Hope Hospital in Florida, originally a Spanish military hospital from 1784 to 1821, holds a gruesome history. Demolished and rebuilt multiple times, the hospital was eventually reconstructed to treat victims during the Seminole War.

However, when city workers began repairing water lines in the area, they discovered that the hospital had been built on an ancient Native American burial ground. This revelation has only added to the hospital’s haunted reputation.

Tranquille Sanatorium: Ghostly Encounters in Canada

Built in 1907 as a ranch before becoming a tuberculosis treatment center, Tranquille Sanatorium in Canada has a long and eerie history.

The surrounding community, known as Tranquille, included gardens, houses, and various facilities. After closing in 1958, the hospital reopened in 1959 to treat the mentally ill before permanently shutting down in 1983.

Despite its closure, Tranquille remains a popular destination for ghost hunters. The abandoned buildings and grounds are said to be haunted, with visitors reporting numerous paranormal encounters.

Other Notable Haunted Hospitals

Whittingham Hospital, England: Known for its haunted reputation, Whittingham Hospital in England has attracted numerous ghost hunters over the years.

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore: Captured by Japanese forces during World War II, Old Changi Hospital served as a healthcare facility for prisoners of war. Its haunted legacy includes stories of revenge-seeking spirits and terrifying encounters.


Haunted hospitals, with their rich histories and chilling tales, continue to fascinate and frighten. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, these abandoned medical facilities offer a glimpse into the past and a chance to experience the unknown. From the ghostly nurse of Waverly Hills to the spectral woman in white at Eloise, these haunted hospitals remind us of the lingering impact of history and the mysteries that remain unsolved.

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