Erie Workers Earn Below State Average: Insights from Pennsylvania Labor Report

Recent findings from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry shine a light on wage differences between Erie County and other urban centers across the state. The report highlights that workers in Erie County earn less on average compared to their counterparts elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

As of May 2023, the average hourly wage in Erie County was $24.93 across a variety of professions, spanning manufacturing, healthcare, and food service. This figure notably falls short of the statewide average of $29.77 per hour.

For instance, workers in Pittsburgh command an average hourly wage of $29.60, while those in Philadelphia earn $32.97 per hour on average. Even smaller towns like Gettysburg boast a higher average wage at $25.35 per hour, surpassing Erie’s earnings.

Glass Growers Gallery Marks 50 Years in the Creative Spotlight

Erie’s beloved Glass Growers Gallery, a bastion of regional artistry, celebrates five decades of fostering creativity. Founded by Deborah and John Vahanian, the gallery has been a nurturing ground for over 90 local artists, showcasing the talents of 100 more.

In commemoration of this significant milestone, owner Emily Ernes unveiled a special exhibit on May 4, paying homage to the gallery’s founders and honoring ten artists with longstanding ties of over 20 years.

An anniversary bash is slated for June 1 at the Erie Art Museum patio, featuring delectable treats from A Waffle Miracle and refreshing beverages from Purrista Cat Cafe. The event promises lively music, captivating dance performances, and an ambiance brimming with appreciation for artistic heritage and community unity.

Noteworthy Surge in Limestone Shipments Across the Great Lakes

April witnessed a notable surge in limestone shipments traversing the Great Lakes, totaling over 2.3 million tons. This marks a significant 19.9% increase compared to the previous year, surpassing the five-year average for April by almost 10%.

The data, reported by the Lake Carriers’ Association, underscores the robust activity of U.S.-based carriers navigating the expansive waterways of the Great Lakes region.

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