Derry Zoning Board Approves Variance For New Garage

By Alex Malm

During the Dec. 2 Derry Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting the Board heard a case regarding the construction of a two-car garage.

It was explained that the owners of the property at 13 Gordon Road Jean and Samantha Marte were seeking a variance to allow the garage even though it is less than 35 feet from the front property line which is required.

It was explained by Jean Marte that they believe the garage will be increasing curbside appeal. He said that it won’t be excessive in size and there won’t be any tree removal from the property.

“New landscaping will be done to enhance the property,” Marte said.

He also explained that the structure will increase the value of the property and increase the value of the neighborhood as a whole and having the garage there can be aesthetically pleasing.

It was explained by Jean Marte that the main reason why they need to build the garage where they are proposing it is because of the leach field that is on their property and they have to have at least five feet of space from it.

“We want to build a two car garage, unfortunately where they put the new leach field when we moved in it’s right beyond the driveway which is where most people would put a garage,” Samantha Marte said.

Zoning Board member Craig Corbett asked if they explored the other options on the property.

It was explained by Samantha Marte that they tried to put it as close to the leach field as possible without breaking the rules.

“It has to be five feet off of the leach field so that’s as close as we could go,” she said.

One question that was asked was whether or not they are planning on building any kind of attic or second floor to the garage.

Samantha Marts said that they aren’t planning on doing so and that it will be just a one story garage.

“It looks pretty straightforward to me,” said Zoning Board member Richard Tripp.

The Zoning Board voted unanimously in favor of approving the variance with the requirements that they receive the appropriate permits and inspections, which was the recommendation of the Town Staff.

The next Derry Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting is slated for Dec. 16 at 7 p.m.