Derry Town Administrator Forgoes Three Percent Raise

By Alex Malm

DERRY – The Derry Town Council met on Tuesday, July 20 and during the meeting members approved four union contracts with their union employees. The Council had previously approved the other three union contracts at a prior meeting.
“These represent the final four out of the seven collective bargaining agreements that were unresolved,” said Derry Town Administrator Dave Caron.
As part of the contracts all of the unions will receive a 1.5 percent lump sum increase for 2022, that isn’t included in their base pay.
The Derry firefighters union, which represents 54 employees in the department, will receive a two percent increase and their contract from 2023-2026.
The Derry Fire Officers union, which represents 21 employees, agreed to the same terms as the Derry Firefighters.
For the Derry Public Works union that represents 48 employees across various departments they also agreed to a two percent increase per year from 2023-2026.
The one difference was for the Derry Police Supervisors union, which represents 13 employees.
Instead of a five-year contract they agreed to a three-year one.
“We will have to re-engage with this group prior to FY 2025,” Caron said.
It was also announced by Derry Town Council Chairman James Morgan that Caron decided not to accept the maximum raise that he can receive.
“This year as in every year he’s entitled to a maximum of a three percent increase in pay,” said Morgan.
“I think it’s safe to say that he’s probably one of the best managers and administrators that I’ve ever worked with. He insisted on not taking that and only staying aligned with our employees.”
Morgan said that he was being a team player for not accepting a higher percentage raise than other employees.
“That’s a team player and that’s why that guy is in that position because he’s the right guy for the job. On behalf of the Council thank you very much for that. I’m sure the employees and the staff appreciate your team work on that,” he added.
Also during the meeting the Derry Town Council accepted the resignation of Lorraine Lindenberg, who served as a regular member on the Taylor Board of Trustees. Her term on the board was scheduled to expire in March of 2024.
This led to a discussion about how the Town Council would fill the vacancies on the board.
One of the vacancies on the board was filled when the Council approved Raymond Fontaine to serve on the board until March of 2022.
With that said they still have other vacancies.
Morgan explained that they have a process that must be followed.
“If anyone in the public sent an email to the town council or individual councilors requesting to be considered for the Taylor Library Board of Trustees that’s not the process,” said Morgan.
He said instead the process is for people to contact Sheila Bodenrader, who is the executive secretary for the town administrator, who will walk them through the application and explain to them what needs to be filled out.
Morgan said that they are going to keep the application period open until July 30 at 5 p.m.
In other news the Derry Town Council approved the resignation of Doug Danzey who served as a regular member of the Planning Board. His term on the board was slated to end on March 31, 2022.
They also approved Christina Gossel as a new regular member of the Derry Economic Development Advisory Committee. Her term will expire on March 31, 2023.