Derry Spends Much of Snow Removal Budget Already

The Town of Derry has expended 42 percent of its snow removal budget, and was expected to reach 75 percent by this week.

Town Administrator Galen Stearns reported on the heavy snowfalls of the past two weeks in the Feb. 3 Town Council meeting.

Reading from a memo from Public Works Director Mike Fowler, Stearns said the efforts began Jan. 24 with 6 inches of snow. The next day, Sunday, Jan. 25, crews were ready at 8 p.m. for the blizzard that dumped 30 inches on Derry. Fowler said in the memo that 36 trucks were out, deploying both staff and contractors.

On Jan. 30 they assembled at 1 a.m. to deal with a snow event that would result in 1 to 2 inches. But the heavy winds blew this snow around and made extra work to clean up, according to Fowler.

And on Feb. 2 they welcomed another storm that brought 8 to 12 inches.

But their work wasn’t over yet, Fowler wrote, and they were poised for another storm Feb. 5.

The financial estimate of the snow events at this point is $150,000, Fowler wrote.

“The crews did an excellent job,” Stearns said.

While Councilor Michael Fairbanks said he’d heard complaints from residents about the plowing, other Councilors said the hard snow-pack from previous storms made it hard to get around.

Councilor Joshua Bourdon asked if there would be any help from the state, and Stearns said he’s already submitted paperwork for relief. “If the state is declared a disaster area, it’s possible we would be eligible for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) funds,” he said.