Derry Public Library Director Search is Continuing

The Derry Public Library is still in the hunt for the right person to take over as the library’s director.
The Trustees are in their third go round, and Trustee Chairwoman Elizabeth Ives said things are progressing.

“We are being picky” Ives said. “We have received a number of resumes and candidates and have already interviewed two, both of whom will be coming back for a full interview in the next couple of weeks.”
This is the third job advertisement posting that has been listed. Ives said there is no lack of candidates and the wait has nothing to do with money, just that the Trustees have not found the right person for the job.
Ives said, “Libraries have become much more complicated, and we want to find someone right for the Derry community and for the culture of the Derry Public Library. We are looking for just the right mix.”
In the meantime she had high praise for the efforts on the part of the present staff and especially Susan Brown. She said all the staff have stepped up, look for what needs to be done and do it.
“We are blessed to have a wonderful and very competent staff that has kept the library functioning very smoothly, and they have all been phenomenal,” Ives said.
Brown said the Trustees were hard at work reviewing and going through the number of new applications that have been received in the third round of the search.
Applications will be accepted through Oct. 21.
Longtime library director Cheryl Lynch retired earlier this year.