Derry Police Department Hold Recognition Ceremony

Department and their families gathered at the Derry Municipal Center on Wednesday, Dec. 14, for a Recognition Ceremony where five officers were promoted in rank and four new officers were welcomed to the department.
Police Chief, George Feoli, was officially sworn in as the Chief of Police and had his new badge pinned by his son, Andrew Feoli, who is also a police officer.
David Michaud was promoted to Captain, officers Ryan O’Rouke and Chris Talbot were promoted to Lieutenant, and Adam Petkus and Samuel Troy were promoted to Sergeant at the ceremony.
Each officer was sworn in by Feoli and were given their new badges.
Jennifer Bello-Grullon, Andrew Noarigian, Joshua Owen, and Kali Bergeron were sworn in by the chief as the department’s new officers.
Steven Ranfros was recognized as the department’s new Part-Time Prosecutor and Melinda Patterson was introduced as a new Animal Control Officer during the event.
Photos by Chris Paul