Derry Has Good Luck with Recent Snow Storms

Derry got off relatively easy in a pair of winter storms last week.
The first storm, on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 9 and 10, was significant in the number of accidents, according to Fire Chief George Klauber. There were a number of single-and multiple-car accidents at the height of the storm, Klauber said, though none were fatal.

One roll-over on Island Pond Road trapped the driver inside, Klauber said, adding, “We had to stabilize the car and get him out of the vehicle.”
A second accident on Fordway Road resulted in one passenger being transported to the hospital with minor injuries, Klauber said. And a school bus crash with one other driver brought vehicle damage but no injuries, he said.
Though none of the Dec. 9 and 10 accidents were life-threatening, there were plenty of them and the storm resulted in all of Londonderry’s fire and ambulance units being deployed. There was no mutual aid, Klauber said. One unit from Londonderry started to come over, but turned back because of an incident in that town.
Klauber and his staff made it work by calling in people who were off-duty, he said.
And, he said, the officer on dispatch prioritized the calls according to severity.
The town did well in keeping its power on, Klauber said of that first storm. There were a few power surges, notably from cars running into poles, but those were dealt with. He received no notification of power outages and said if there were any, they were small.
In the Saturday night-Sunday morning storm Dec. 14-15, the police log reported several accidents, including one on North Main Street, one on Warner Hill Road and one on Scobie Pond Road. They also reported several cars off the road on Chester Road, Rockingham Road and Floyd and Lane roads.
An accident Monday afternoon, not related to the storm, resulted in one person being transported to Parkland Medical Center with minor injuries, according to Derry Police Lt. Eric Kester. A pick-up truck and a Mercedes collided in the vicinity of 160 Rockingham Road.
As of presstime Tuesday afternoon, Derry was experiencing yet another snowstorm, with heavy snow during the evening commute.