David Milz to Serve as Liaison to Town Council, Schools

State Representative David Milz, R-Derry, is the new liaison between the Derry Legislative Delegation and the Town Council and School Board.

Milz will replace State Rep Brian Chirichiello, also a Derry Republican, in the position.

Milz said the position has been around for a while. “After the general election we get together, Republicans and Democrats alike, and we pick one person to do this,” he said. “It’s one person for the two boards to go to and to voice their concerns.”

Milz added that the position is a clearinghouse. “Say the Town Administrator comes to me and says, ‘We need this bill passed to help Derry.’ I’ll either steer them in the right direction, or I’ll say, ‘There’s really nothing you can do,’” he said.

Milz, a former Town Councilor, understands the issues facing that board, he said. And he understands School Board issues because he’s worked behind the scenes with former Dist. 19 Senator Jim Rausch, R-Derry. He said he’s talked with School Board Chairman Neal Ochs and member Brenda Willis and that they agreed on the need to “work together.”

The post is traditionally given to a second-term legislator, Milz said.