Crime Crackdown: Stanislaus County Authorities Seize 50 Firearms in Gang Raids

STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. — The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office recently concluded a months-long investigation targeting members of outlaw motorcycle gangs across the Central Valley. The investigation, prompted by violent incidents last year, focused on a dispute among rival Hells Angels, Salida Nomads, and Mongol street gang members.

The sheriff’s office, in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and the FBI, executed 12 simultaneous search warrants across multiple counties. The operations resulted in the confiscation of approximately 50 firearms, ammunition, gun silencers, drugs, and materials used for making explosives.

Among the notable arrests were four Modesto men: Vincent Ball, 62; Anthony Vincent Soria, 37; Alfeiri Mishell Taneiya, 26; and Emilio Diaz Martinez, 35. Charges filed against them included being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, steroid possession, possession of an assault weapon, possession of a silencer, manufacturing and selling metal knuckles, and possession of narcotics alongside a loaded firearm.

To ensure the safety of law enforcement members, the exact locations of Wednesday’s operations were not disclosed. However, part of the operation took place in downtown Stockton at the Hells Angels clubhouse on Miner Avenue, where the California Highway Patrol’s SWAT team assisted the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities had an authorized search warrant for the unoccupied and locked clubhouse, necessitating tactical teams to force entry.

The search, which included carrying boxes and folders from the building, concluded around 12:30 p.m. Local residents expressed curiosity and concern about the activities within the clubhouse, with some mentioning the charitable efforts of Hells Angels but questioning what might occur behind closed doors.

Numerous agencies participated in the joint operation, including the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, FBI field offices in San Francisco and Sacramento, Modesto police, Ceres police, California Highway Patrol, Turlock police, Stockton police, Manteca police, and the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation remains ongoing as authorities continue their efforts to address criminal activities associated with the outlaw motorcycle gangs.

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