Council Seats Contested, School Board Seat Unclaimed

The election filing period closed Friday, and Derry residents will face two contested Town Council races.

For the Councilor at Large seat currently occupied by Phyllis Katsakiores, both Katsakiores and Marc Flattes have filed for office.

And for the District 1 Town Councilor seat currently occupied by Michael Fairbanks, who chose not to seek reelection, Maria LeBel and Richard Tripp have filed.

No one filed for the single Taylor Library Trustee seat currently occupied by Pam Otis.

Two Derry Public Library trustee seats currently occupied by Charles Zoeller and Jack Robillard are open; Zoeller and Helen Evans have filed for those posts.

Pat Dowling filed for the single Supervisor of the Checklist position currently occupied by Margaret Mullins, who is not running again.

And a contested race will occur for the single Trustee of the Trust Funds position currently occupied by James Webb. Both Webb and Kathryn Polizzotto have filed for that office.

Two Derry School Board seats are also open, currently occupied by Jennifer Lague and Neal Ochs. While Lague chose not to run again, Ochs filed for reelection. No one has filed for the second seat.

And for the post of School District Moderator, Kevin Gordon has filed for the post. Roger Konstant is not running for reelection.

The election is Tuesday, March 10, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Polling places are Districts 1 and 4, Gilbert H. Hood Middle School; District 2, Calvary Bible Church; and District 3, West Running Brook Middle School.