Council Hires Part-Time Human Resources Director

William Scimone is the new Human Resources Director for Derry.

Scimone was appointed in a split vote at the Jan. 26 Special Town Council meeting.

The Human Resources (HR) Director position, most recently held by Larry Budreau, was eliminated in the May 19 Town Council budget vote and restored after the Oct. 13 Special Election. While the money was restored, the Council determined, after a study of the HR department by Municipal Resources Incorporated, that it could operate without a full-time HR Director and would hire a part-time director instead, using the savings to fund a part-time Economic Development position.

Councilor David Fischer was not in favor of the appointment, saying, “I have reviewed this issue carefully and at this time I feel it is important to reopen the search and find the best candidate.”

Councilor Mark Osborne disagreed. “We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Scimone and he is highly qualified,” Osborne said. “He answered my questions to my satisfaction.”

Councilor Al Dimmock said, “I will support this under the condition, that, if we have a new Town Administrator, it’s up to the new Administrator whether he stays on or not. This is a temporary appointment.”

But, Dimmock added, “I listened to him and liked what he had to say, and I will support him.”

Councilor Joshua Bourdon said he had not attended the Council’s meeting with Scimone and would abstain. But he did ask Interim Town Administrator Susan Hickey how many hours Schimone would be working, and Hickey said it would be 28 hours a week, divided into three days.

“He is well-qualified and I liked his demeanor,” Council Chair Tom Cardon said. “I liked his background. He will be a good addition to Derry.”

The Council voted 4-2-1 in favor of the appointment, with Bourdon abstaining and Fischer and Richard Tripp opposed.

“I just don’t believe he’s the person we need,” Tripp said after the meeting.

Scimone, of Goffstown, was the HR director for the New Hampshire Institute of Art from 2007 to 2015. He holds degrees in psychology and business management from Anna Maria College, and a Bachelor’s degree in English and certificate in secondary education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Scimone said he became interested in the job because of friends who lived in Derry. “I always thought it was a great place,” he said.

Scimone’s first job out of college was with the City of Melrose, Mass. “I always liked the municipal environment,” he said.

He was also attracted by the fact that the Derry position is part time. Having just moved back to New Hampshire, he said, “I have a lot of things on my plate.”

“It is a perfect melding of needs,” Scimone said of the Derry job.

His salary is $1,169 per week.