Council Allows Former Derry Resident a Local Burial

The Town Council, acting as cemetery trustees, will allow a former Derry resident to be buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.
The Council held an emergency meeting on the afternoon of Dec. 18 to consider a request from Chris Niland, a former 22-year resident, to allow his son Nicholas to be buried in his home town. Nicholas, 18, died last week from injuries related to a car crash.

Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau said he became aware of Niland’s request to buy a cemetery plot on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 17. The regular policy is to sell lots at $500 each to Derry residents only, he said.
But this situation was different, Budreau said. “Chris lived in Derry 22 years,” he said. “His son lived here all his life.”
The request was compelling enough to Budreau for him to call a special Council meeting.
Six of the Councilors attended the emergency meeting and voted unanimously to allow Niland to bury his son in Derry.