Contested Races for Town Council, School Board in March

Derry voters on March 8 will see some familiar names on their ballot, and other familiar names missing. Filing for office closed last Friday.

For Town Council, one District 2 seat, currently held by Thomas Cardon; one District 4 seat, currently held by Albert Dimmock; and one At Large seat, currently held by Mark Osborne were open, all for three-year terms.

For Councilor at Large, Jim Morgan, Marc Flattes, former Town Councilor David Milz and Leonard Perkins have filed; for District 2, Charles Foote and Cardon; and for District 4, former Town Councilor Brian Chirichiello, Randall Kelly and Dimmock.

For Trustee of Trust Funds, one three-year seat, Joan Crimlisk filed.

For the one three-year Town Clerk post, Daniel Healey and Katharine Polizzoto filed.

For one Supervisor of the Checklist seat, incumbent Judy Strakalaitis and Janet Fairbanks are on the ballot.

For two three-year seats as Derry Public Library Trustee, incumbents Joan Crimlisk and Elizabeth Ives and newcomer Elizabeth Greenberg filed.

For two three-year seats as Taylor Library Trustee, incumbents Kim Burke and Candace Andrews filed.

And for one six-year term as Town Moderator, Kevin Coyle and Mary Till filed.

In the Derry Cooperative School District:

Three three-year terms currently held by Ken Linehan, Jeri Murphy and Brenda Willis, and one two-year term currently held by Mark Beland are open. Incumbent Brenda Willis, Teri Gianetti, Lynn Perkins and Derick Anderson had filed for the three-year terms. Brian Kelleher, Erika Cohen and JJ Ludman have filed for the two-year seat.

Who’s not running

Citing work needs and time for a personal life, Osborne is not seeking re-election to the Town Council. His law firm, Shepherd and Osborne of Nashua, is doing well, he said. But with a booming business comes increased work hours and less personal time.

“I have a passport and I want to use it,” Osborne said.

Town Clerk Denise Neale is also not running. Neale said she plans to retire in two years and the Town Clerk’s term is for three. “I can’t make a three-year commitment and then resign in two years,” Neale said. “That’s just not who I am. If I make a commitment, I make a commitment.”

Linehan and Murphy are both stepping back from the School Board, with Linehan saying, “I’ve done this for 10 years. It’s time to get some new blood in here.”

With his youngest child nearing graduation Linehan said, “My kids are ‘aging out’ of the Derry school system.”

Murphy, who has gone back to school, said her classes are on Tuesday nights, the same night as School Board meetings. But she said she hasn’t ruled out returning in the future.

And Ives, moderator since 1998, is hanging up one of her gavels. She will continue chairing the Conservation Commission but is not running for another term as moderator.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the town this way,” Ives said.

She will be available to assist the new moderator, and will continue to champion the privilege of voting.

“When I was supervising the polls at West Running Brook a few years ago, a voter came in with some visitors from Romania. They were so impressed with our elections,” Ives said.