Conservation Commission Endorses Multifamily Complex

The Derry Conservation Commission has given its endorsement to a proposed multifamily complex at the junction of Kendall Pond Road and Magnolia Road.

Engineer Eric Mitchell appeared at the July 14 Conservation Commission meeting to represent the developers of the property, which is Tax Map 21 Lot 37.

Mitchell said there would be 18 parking spaces under the building and a total of 43 in all. He said snow storage would be to the north of the sedimentation pond. Mitchell said there was enough room for snow, though in an unusual year the management would take out any overflow, he added.

Several members expressed concern about snow storage. Chairman Margaret Ives pressed for clarification as to whose responsibility it was to take out any excess snow. “Would it be the condo association’s responsibility?” she asked.

“If there is a condo association,” Mitchell responded. “We’re not sure yet if this will be condos or rentals.” But he promised an entity would be in charge.

Member Riccardo Buzzanga expressed concern that the excess snow would “end up in the neighbor’s yard.” He proposed extending the fencing to the north side of the snow storage area, and Mitchell said this was possible.

Member Richard Tripp asked what medium would be used to melt snow and ice in the parking lot. “Do you intend to use salt?” he asked.

“It’s a discussion worth having,” Ives said. “What is the alternative?”

Mitchell presented potassium chloride as an option, and members expressed approval. “If there’s anything better, you’ll find it,” Ives said to Mitchell.

Member Eileen Chabot asked what was going to be in the infiltration trenches and Mitchell said it would be crushed stone and silt.

The Commission voted unanimously to have Ives sign the plans, with the caveats that the catchbasin be maintained, potassium chloride be used instead of salt, the fence be extended, the stormwater management plan be firmed up before going to the Planning Board, and infiltration trenches be included in the stormwater management plan.