Coho Salmon Fishing Adventure on Lake Michigan

In Milwaukee, fishing enthusiasts eagerly gathered for an unforgettable adventure on Lake Michigan, all in pursuit of the elusive coho salmon. Leading the expedition was Bob Krecak, a Mukwonago resident and proud owner of the 31-foot-long vessel, “Summer School.”

His boat, nestled in its slip at McKinley Marina, awaited the arrival of the eager crew, including Dave Bowe from Pewaukee, who busily prepared fishing gear in anticipation of the day ahead.

As the sun graced the horizon on May 30, Krecak’s boat gently swayed in its berth, ready to set sail into the vast expanse of Lake Michigan. With spirits high and excitement building, the crew embarked from McKinley Marina, venturing forth into the calm waters, brimming with anticipation of the day’s catch.

Their efforts were swiftly rewarded as Bowe expertly netted a magnificent coho salmon, with Krecak securing another impressive catch. The thrill of success radiated from their faces as they proudly displayed their prized fish against the serene backdrop of the lake.

Throughout the day, the anglers relied on tried-and-true lures like the tinsel fly, a favored choice among seasoned Lake Michigan salmon fishermen. These carefully stored lures, tucked away in plastic tubes, proved irresistible to the salmon lurking beneath the water’s surface.

As the fishing continued, the crew gained valuable insights into the dietary habits of the coho salmon, witnessing firsthand the significance of alewives as a vital food source. A 3-inch alewife, regurgitated by one of the caught salmon, underscored the critical role these fish play in the ecosystem of Lake Michigan.

With the day drawing to a close, Krecak and Bowe ensured the freshly caught salmon remained preserved in the hold of “Summer School,” carefully packed with ice for the journey back to shore.

Returning to South Shore Park in Milwaukee, the anglers availed themselves of the fish cleaning station, generously provided by the Milwaukee chapter of Great Lakes Sportfishing Clubs. This invaluable amenity facilitated the cleaning process, allowing the crew to prepare their catch for a delectable meal with ease.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the tranquil waters of Lake Michigan, Krecak, Bowe, and their companions reflected on the day’s adventures with a sense of contentment and camaraderie. With memories etched in their minds and fish tales to share, it was indeed a day to cherish on the bountiful waters of Lake Michigan.

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