Chester Selectmen Discuss Increase for Police Details

By Alex Malm

CHESTER – During the June 10 Chester Board of Selectmen meeting one of the items that was discussed was in regards to raising the rate for police details.
Chester Police Chief Aaron Berube explained that each year they look at what other towns pay for details and what they charge.
“Annually I take a look at what we charge for our detail rates and I do a comparison to other agencies,” he said.
In the last year he said that a lot of agencies have made major jumps in what they pay and charge for details and decided to propose that they increase both by $3 per hour.
“I felt it was appropriate for us to adjust ours to be in the median area,” he said.
By doing so he said they will be competitive with the rest of the area departments.
Last year they were charging $67 per hour and with the increase they will be charging $70 per hour. The increase in pay will go from $47 to $50 per hour.
While the Board of Selectmen voted 4-0 to approve the change, the possibility of designating a certain amount of revenue from each detail for new vehicles was discussed.
It was decided to have Berube do more research about how much profit they get from each detail before they decide how much will go towards the new vehicles fund.
The rate change will go into effect on July 1.
Another agenda item that was discussed during the meeting was in regards to the Chester 300th anniversary.
Selectmen Stephen Landau said that the committee decided to purchase commemorative license plates and will be selling them for $20 each.
Landau brought up the possibility of the town purchasing one for each of their vehicles. He said that they have about 45 vehicles that the town owns.
It was explained that they would go on the front of the vehicles and that they are approved by the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles to have them on the front of the vehicles.
On a 4-0 vote they approved purchasing up to 45 of them, for a total cost of $900.
With summer fast approaching the Board of Selectmen also discussed their summer meeting schedule.
One proposal was made by Selectmen Steven Couture to not have a meeting on July 1 because it’s right before the 4th of July weekend and right after the fiscal year ends. After that his proposal was to meet every other week for July and August.
In the case of the emergency he said they could meet on their off weeks.
“If we have to meet then we do,” he said.
Selectmen Stephen D’Angelo said that he didn’t agree with that saying that usually something comes up each week and they should plan on meeting each week. If they don’t need to meet a particular week, he said that they could always cancel that particular meeting.
“This is what we signed up for,” D’Angelo said.
It was ultimately agreed on to not meet on July 1, and instead their first meeting for their summer schedule will be on July 8. After that they will plan on meeting each Thursday like usual and decide on a week by week basis on whether or not they have to meet.

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