Chester Selectmen Approve Conservation Land Purchase

By Alex Malm

A request from the Conservation Commission to release some of their funds to purchase conservation land was in discussion at the Dec.15 Chester Board of Selectmen meeting.
It was explained by Conservation Commission Chairman, Victor Chouinard, that they were looking to buy the property located at 191 Raymond Road, which is land surrounded by wetlands. He told the Board of Selectmen they already had a purchase and sale agreement in place.
By purchasing the property, Chouinard said it would be part of the continuance parcels of conservation land that the town owns in the area.
“It’s strategically important for conservation,” said Chouinard.
Chouinard explained that a portion of the property is surrounded by wetlands and NH Fish and Game has designated the property as tier 1 habitat property.
The Board of Selectmen ultimately unanimously approved releasing the funds from the Conservation Commission account to purchase the property for a total of $30,000.
Also during the meeting the Selectmen reviewed an application for a building permit on Pomp Road.
It was explained by Board of Selectmen Chairman Chuck Myette, that Paul and Sue Foskitt, that they purchased a piece of property on Pom Road which is a class six road.
“It’s a few hundred feet down the class six road to where his property line comes in,” said Myette.
It was explained by Myette that under the RSA the Board of Selectmen have the ability to authorize the issuance of a building permit on a Class VI highway.
He explained that the owners agreed to make improvements to the road, in order to have a house there.
Myette said that the Planning Board reviewed the plans and thought tit was a workable plan.
“The planning board is in full support,” said Myette.
He said that the only thing being approved would be a building permit to build a single family home and if they were looking for anything else in the future they would need to go back to the Boards.
“What is being approved is a single family house at this time,” said Myette.
Foskitt said that he thought the process had gone well.
“This has been very smooth,” said Paul Foskitt.
The Board of Selectmen ultimately gave their approval on a unanimous vote.
Selectmen Stephen D’Angelo asked the owners when they were planning on moving in.
Paul Foskitt said that they aren’t in any rush and hope to have all the permits needed in the spring and would begin updating the road in the summer. He said that they wouldn’t be starting construction until the spring of 2024, noting that they are hopeful that the costs of construction will go down by then.
The next Chester Board of Selectmen meeting is slated to take place on Jan. 5 at 6 p.m.